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Hi, my name is Fu Fei. 👋
Current Status: Building products
[Full-Time] Indie Hacker
I’m a Product & Business nerd.
During my free time, I write about product and work on my side projects.
In my down time, I geek out on startups, new tech and product management.
Current working full-time on Indie Projects
02Current Projects
A repository of React resources.
Includes a short weekly newletter, helpful tools, guides and resources for devs starting out their journey in React.
03Older Projects
Grateful Cloud
A repository of resources for non-profits.
From email marketing to team collaboration, these are a list of tech companies that offer discounts or free tiers.
Grateful Cloud
Daily Steps
Daily Steps
A chrome extension that turns new tabs into a to-do list.
An easy way to keep track of task(s)